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Think of your room as your 'story'. All the items in it are the words you have chosen, and the way you have arranged it are the sentences that make the composition. All writers have editors. That is where we come in; we are your editor-extraordinaires! We'll come in and 'read' your 'story' searching for ways to make it more cohesive, areas where things may need to be removed, and rearrange the 'sentences' for a better over all flow. We simply take your 'story' and help you tell it better! Besides, wouldn't you rather hire an editor before scrapping the whole project for a costly and time-consuming 're-write'? We would!

Services Offered:

  • Interior Styling/Re-Styling

  • Home-staging

  • Organization

  • Virtual Design Consultation

  • Hourly Design Work

    • Paint Selection​

    • Fixtures/Hardware

    • Flooring/Tile

    • Finishes

    • Room Planning

    • Personal Shopping