Don't take it from us...

I'd just moved to town and didn't have much furniture and a limited budget - I was about to start a masters program. Looking Sharp Designs was able to take the small space and the odd 1930's style unit, it had a space for a Murphy Bed, and create something comfortable. It felt like home from the start. Visitors said my bachelor apartment was unexpectedly organized and well decorated.                                           ~ Derek M.

Annie came into my home with fresh eyes and a new perspective. I welcomed her into my home and with little effort she was able to make small adjustments that changed the way my space feels and looks. I’m grateful for the changes she made and am continually satisfied with my experience. She was professional, punctual, organized and energetic, which made my experience with her positive and inviting. I’ll use her again in the future, if I need any other updates made to my home.                                                                                                     

  ~ Sue B.

I recently moved into a town-home which is much larger than the apartment I moved from. I put my furniture in two of the main living areas which I thought were good locations, but the spaces still didn’t feel quite right or very inviting. Annie was able to come in and within 15 minutes come up with new arrangement ideas. Once we moved the furniture to her suggested locations, it was like a whole new place! Everyone who saw my old arrangement compared to the new one Annie setup for me was very surprised by the drastic improvement. It’s also worth noting that I did not buy anything new, and Annie just worked with what I had. She has a real gift for this and I would highly recommend her to anyone!               

  ~Andrew R. 

Annie Sharp has done two projects for my family. The first was for my daughter who was living in a rented condo. She was freshly out of college and had only a few decent pieces of furniture and a low budget. She also has no decorating sense and her space
was just plain boring. Annie came in and with her creative eye, quickly and inexpensively turned the space into an attractive and comfortable home. She sees spaces differently than the average person and with a few quick changes in furniture
arrangement and using existing accessories she can transform a space. The second project was our own studio condo. It is a part-time residence for us and is tiny, lacking storage, and easy to get cluttered. Annie was able to rethink the space and to see much more potential than we were. With some easy reorganizing and changing of uses, we gained a much better functioning living space. She left us with suggestions for further improvements. Annie is a very friendly, intelligent, well-spoken, and creative person. We have enjoyed working with her and would love to do so again in the future.         
~ Marianne S.

Annie Sharp has helped me many times in my style and interior design. I’m not sure how, but she has a natural keen eye for the peaceful flow of a room. In 2012 she redecorated my 1 bedroom apartment to seem not only spacious, but bright, welcoming, and very comfortable. She did this by adding in greenery, placing mirrors to allow for a larger perception of the space, utilizing shelving, and adding in light to darker corners.

In 2016 she came and helped me redecorate my living room and dining area of my home. She moved furniture to give a conversational flow to the living space. Antique dressers were added to use as a buffet in the dining room. Artwork was moved to accommodate wall space and lighting. She does all this out of a passion from her soul to make peoples spaces warm and welcoming for them and their guests. I haven’t moved my beautiful décor in over 2 years with Annie’s help. Anyone would be lucky to have her taste and skills put into their interior designs.   

 ~ Rebecca G.

Annie is meticulous and amazing at interior design. She has designed multiple places I've lived, making a small apartment seem much more spacious and a good sized town home feel more cozy. It is wonderful to see her passion and excitement when she is working and knows that her client is going to love what they come home to. I know not to make any plans on evenings when Annie has come over to design because I will just want to stay home and admire her work! She truly has an eye for design and makes just being home much more enjoyable!

  ~ Lindsay S.

I was expecting my second child when Annie noticed, I needed help! I live in a two bedroom home and my daughter's room needed "more" (exactly what Annie offers, somehow more, with no outside additions) to welcome her baby brother. Thirty-seven weeks and counting, I was at a loss, both mentally and physically. When I went hands off and let Annie do her magic ( i.e. I was gone), I couldn't have been more happy! There was new space I never new existed, available to my new baby and his big sister! Things made sense, and represented both my children and me, so much better! I was very lucky to have had Annie, because that baby boy of mine popped into the world less than a week later. Thank you Annie. I'll make sure they keep it clean.