As you can see in the video, even when empty, walking from the counter to the door presented many obstacles.

               Taste Local Cafe is a popular cafe in the heart of downtown Loveland, CO. Customers order at the counter, and help themselves to coffee and water stations. Prior to our assistance, as the restaurant would begin to fill, there were no clear traffic patterns anywhere in the restaurant; causing constantly shuffling diners. The tables and chairs are oversized and ideally, the owners would like to replace them, however the budget didn't allow for this option. Instead, they hired us for an interior styling where the goal was not only to maximize space, but to create clear traffic patterns also.


We started by opening a clear walkway from the front door to the ordering counter. We replaced the waiting area bench with two armchairs from floor-seating. This gave us more practical seating utilizing less space.


Tall bar tables were brought in from the perimeter walls to the center of the room. These tables have a smaller surface area thereby freeing up ordering room as well as space where a line can form. This also visually unified the bar area. 


The buffet table which displays retail, was previously located on the southern wall. This is where the bench from the waiting area was brought to become floor seating, and the buffet table was taken to the rear of the restaurant. Previously, two tables were located where the buffet now is, which also happens to be by the restrooms; not typically where anyone prefers to sit while eating. In addition to pushing the bench against the wall, and removing the buffet table, we turned several tables on the bias, allowing  them to be closer together without the diners actually being closer. In total, these actions returned just enough square footage, we were able to shift the bulk of the over-sized tables to the right of where diners enter,creating a very clear dining space.

Now, when a diner walks in, they know what to do, and where to go, right away. In addition, servers can move around the floor more easily and efficiently. The total cost of this project was $150, significantly less than replacing the furniture while still accomplishing the same goal.