Whether you live in a small space and struggle with how to best utilize it, or a large one and have no idea how to make it feel cozy or create natural divisions, to everything in-between - WE CAN HELP! We offer home-staging for individuals remaining in the home while listed, or styling for those of you staying put! Let us refresh your look, bring out the natural flow of your room, or give you a polished feel for friends and family visiting over the summer. You'll be amazed at what a trained eye can do with your existing items.

Our process begins with a consultation either via email/photos, video chat, or in your home (pending location and complexity), where we will discuss what you aim to achieve through the design process. If we decide we can accomplish those goals, we'll schedule a day of design.


On your day of design, we'll come to your home and *politely* shove you out the door until the agreed time of reveal! The scope of the project determines the amount of time it will take - more rooms, more time, etc - and you will know all of that before we arrive. The final phase of your process is easy: enjoy!

We don't want you to be afraid of sticker shock, so unlike most designers, we'd like to show you our average price per room styling: $180 - $360**


                                                                                       **Average for Styling Only, Price May Vary