Fort Collins - Interior styling


This was the client's set-up when we arrived for interior styling. The recliners and side table all required an outlet and cord management. The TV unit was recently wall-mounted and would not be relocated, as such, seating needed a better flow. The overall aesthetic was sparse giving the appearance of a recent move-in, despite that not being the case.


The manually reclining love-seat was brought opposite the wall unit, with the electronically reclining chairs flanking either side. This allowed much better cord management and eliminated the homeowners' need to add an outlet to the floor. While all three pieces of furniture maintain a view of the television, this new orientation makes social gatherings more comfortable as well.

D Ellsworth After_edited_floor angle.jpg
D Ellsworth After_edited_pano.jpg

The small bookcase housing items for the client's grandchild when visiting, was relocated from the wall under the stairs to under the window on the opposite wall. When placed next to the chest, the furniture looked as if it were in a 'line-up' along the wall; spreading out furniture takes a place that appeared sparse to full.