This downtown Airbnb had a great base to work with, just lacked that 'polished' look.


The major changes in this space consisted of moving the mini-fridge to the opposite side of the room and doubling its use as a nightstand. The former nightstand has been moved to the corner of the room and re-purposed as a plant stand. Moving the mini-fridge helped visually open up the wall opposite the bed. Now a plant occupies the space rather than weighing the wall down with furniture all in a row. Two of the three plants were also moved from the hutch and spaced around the room - one in the bookcase, one in the bathroom. The greenery was very concentrated before, whereas it appears more balanced now. A few pieces of wall art changed positions, as well as bookcase and hutch items. Nothing was removed or added to this project.


The clutter on the hutch has been reduced, and something as simple as folding the linens and storing them in a wicker basket simplifies the aesthetic. Re-locating the large potted plant to the center of the wall opened the appearance of the wall and brought color to what was previously a very dark space.

In the bathroom, towels have been displayed in baskets rather than folded on the shelf, a plant has been brought in from the bedroom, while art was switched.


The overall effect of these seemingly minor changes has given the room a tidy, organized, and more balanced appearance allowing occupants to relax more easily.